Friday, May 28, 2010

Why I Love Norton

You're way smarter than me, Norton. You just tell ME what to do.

Here is a typical conversation between me and my best pal, Norton:

Me: *right-click* - "Disable Norton Firewall".

Norton: WHOAH. Do you want me to disable my Firewall? Click YES or NO.

Me: Um.... WTH? *click* - "YES".

Norton: Disabling the Firewall is stupid. Last chance to not do it. Disable Firewall? Click YES for dumb or NO for smart.

Me: Dangit! *loud click* - "YES"!

Norton: Warning - you have just disabled your Firewall. Click OK to confirm.

Me: ARGH!!!! *Pat smash mouse* - "OK"!

Norton: That was just retarded. We wanted to hide the disable option altogether, because of dummies like you, but were not allowed. We will remind you it is disabled every 10 minutes. Or maybe 5. OK, every 3 minutes.

Me: ....................... !

(1 minute later...)
Norton: Did you know your Firewall is disabled?

Me: $%*&^*^$ !!!!!!!!!