Monday, April 5, 2010

04/05/10 - Where were YOU when it happened?

Tiger works the crowd

April 5th . . . 2010 . . . a day . . . that will live in inferiority. The fact that Tiger Woods went out and played golf again today is the LEADING story on, and

Most people are less concerned about it than belly button lint, but there are reports of ONE man that was overjoyed when he woke up and saw that Tiger was hogging the headlines (hint: he works in D.C. in a "big white house").

Forget the fact that oil (and tomorrow's gas) just hit it's highest price since October 2008.

And pay no mind to the crisis that the unemployment rate for "workers ages 16 to 29 was 15.2% in March, the highest rate since 1948"....

These things have to wait, America. Somebody who cheated on his wife is swinging a golf club. I'm ****ing riveted.

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