Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Computer Guy

A fellow Network Administrator emailed me today to let off some steam about how he felt set up to fail because his office has him doing Marketing research online.

Did I mention he is a Network Administrator?

If that went in one eye and out the other, then this blog might just be for you.

Of course my friend should not have complained, because:

A) he has a job (so be grateful, you jerk)


B) he is a "computer guy". If electronics can be associated in any way with any thing at any time, he should be able to do it.

Here is something you may or may not know in this wild and wacky world we live in:

IT specialists are usually just that… specialists who… wait for it… specialize in particular IT sectors and/or technologies.

And yet no matter what their title is, they still call them the “computer guy” or the “IT guy” and expect them to be able to do anything and everything computer related.

He needs to be able to do everything from recovering a dead Windows server... to unsticking a key on a keyboard they dumped coffee and fingernail clippings into... to explaining why a non-existent email that someone sent is not here yet... to solving why piece of crap program ‘A’ crashes when you run piece of crap program ‘B’.

Yeah... why can't you do all that, computer guy?

You don’t hear about people scheduling a colonoscopy with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and then complaining, “but I thought you were a ‘Doctor Guy’…? Can't you just take a look around?”

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  1. The problem as I see it is - there is too much specialization. I suppose you can learn all there is to know about the red knob ignoring the green knob but that leaves you limited to red knobs.

    Oh well, the way of the world is to box one in, up and out...thanks for the reminder with the colonoscopy - that's a real pain in the rear even with the right doc...