Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Words can hurt (when applied properly)

I am the undisputed, greatest Scrabble player on the entire Internet, but I refuse to let it go to my head. Humility is in fact my second greatest quality (the first, my being incredibly attractive).

I am currently beating all my friends at "Words With Friends", a super cool Scrabble knock-off that will sometimes go an entire 2 hours without crashing on Android phones. According to another friend / coworker I am beating, it never crashes on the iPhone, which just makes me hate Apple even more.

(I say all my "friends", but they are mostly conduits to exercise and display my unspeakable vocabulary prowess and saintlike humility.)

I am also playing a couple games with complete strangers and this has admittedly tested my sainthood a little. Moments ago, I played 3 moves above 50 points apiece to the anonymous opponent's one syllable, 3 and 4 letter retorts. In other words, "retorts" is apparently too big for this person to play.

Now, part of me thinks this could be a little kid and maybe I should go easier on them, so they do not get discouraged.

Haha! This will not happen of course, but I am a good enough person to consider it, is my point. Encouragement is important, but so is learning that life is cruelly unfair and grownups have it way, way better (we totally do, kids).

I know I sound a little here like a "rude jerk", but I assure you I really am not. I am a "scurrilous prolifigate". It's worth way more points.


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  2. http://picasaweb.google.com/josephcooley/Public#5597768957472374146


    Here are two unmodified screen shots from my phone that show how badly Pat has been "Beating" me.

  3. Liar! Brigand! Get away from my blog... shoo!