Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good talking is key

The infamous "they" say the most vital part of a healthy relationship is regular and open communication.

I can attest to this, as next month Amy and I will celebrate being married almost a quarter century a wonderful number of years.

And the fact that 80% of our communication is now text messages comprised of only the letters "Y" (yes), "K" (ok) and OTW (on the way) still counts.

Typical conversation:

Her: u there?
Me: Y
Her: ...
Me: ?
Her: OTW?
Me: Y
Her: K

But sometimes texting is not enough and we will break down and use Instant Messaging or email. Actually talking on our texting devices just feels awkward.

Just this week we discovered a new way to chat, which is smack-talking while doing the warm ups for P90X. We like to do this now, in between making fun of people in the videos.

We only have a couple weeks left and I suddenly realized and commented that we were totally able to smart mouth each other while doing jumping jacks and were not out of breath, which must be a good sign.

She said my "FACE must be a good sign" which is totally immature, so I just said "K".

Tomorrow is Day 1 of week 11 of my 3rd time through P90X and her first.

The only difference for me is this 3rd time through, I felt like every single day of it was one more day of going up against a pissed off Inigo Montoya.

I hurt my right shoulder pretty bad the day after I finished my 2nd round, almost 3 months ago. The only two things that make it hurt are moving it or being awake.

I am not a doctor, but I have the wealth of conflicting information from the Internet at my finger tips, so I decided the best treatment for it would be to just keep doing thousands of pushups, pullups and curls.

And I am happy to announce that so far this has worked out terrible. The best prognosis, if that is even a real word, that I can give at this point is that I THINK it has not actually gotten worse and I probably am not going to permanently maim myself if I continue.

That is why they call it PRACTICING (pretend, WebMD) medicine.

We don't yet know for sure what we're going to do in 3 weeks after we take a couple week break (either P90X again or P90X2), but I will probably finally squeeze in that visit to the doctor I keep threatening to do, to get pictures taken.

I'm just glad Amy will be there with me through the whole thing.

Her: ?
Me: Y?
Her: u there?
Me: Y, done
Her: MRI?
Me: N
Her: K
Her: K
Her: OTW?
Me: Y
Her: K
Me: Your FACE is a K

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