Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why so Siri us?

Time is of the essence and our schedules are busier than ever. There are times I want to let people know how I am doing and what's going on in my life, but I am too busy to stop and update my blog.

Well, that's no longer a problem, thanks to my new iPhone!

This marvel of technology is simply amazing. It has the world's most accurate voice to text feature and to save time and show my utter confidence in it, I am going to speak the rest of this blog into it:


OK, her ghost. Pee pull always say that one of the bust things about a pill phones are how a carrot there's peach to Texan.

What scolding on in my wife lately? A lot!

On the home french, lots of stuff is happy knee. 

I am tent a leave going to fly out ptomaine again in October. Hopeful leave I'll gut two sea family why lout there on the ease toast.

Also, lay Tilly, with a cup all frenzy mine, I helped start a new die and exercise blog called "Hell's Neat Underpanties".

We give a vice and encourage men to pee pull how to shit pounds and keep the moth!

My friends Martha Jessup have lots of great inflammation to share and are master motor baiters.

Are dog olive her is as crazy as Canby. We have tubey car full not toilet him outside when the nipples dog is achoo or they will bow spark like crazy!

Well, that sit porno. Hopeful leaf my iPhone trannys let this a carrot leave.

Undead next time! See yell ate her!



  1. I cannot leave a message - I am laughing too hard it's hurting...gotta go...really gotta